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“If you do not change some rooted human behavior on projects, you cannot improve anything because humans lie at the heart of any organization and its systems.”

Gerald I. Kendall, PMP and Steven C. Rollins, PMP "Advanced Project Portfolio Management and the PMO"

As managers face increased pressures to maintain productivity while reducing costs, the need to utilize existing corporate resources more effectively continues to grow. These challenges, together with the overwhelming onslaught of new data and technologies, have made professional, specialized project management a necessity. That’s where RG Freeman Group’s consultants come in.

Project Management Is Both an Art and a Science

The art is the creativity and flexibility to balance the requirements of scope, quality, time, and budget. The science is applying proven, repeatable tools, techniques, and processes to a project. Overlooking the “art” of project management is one reason why so many projects fail. By developing an expertise in the art as well as the science, project managers can increase the success rate for their projects and are better able to complete them on time and on budget without sacrificing quality.

Project managers need to have both technical and business skills to link their projects to the relationships, resources, and structure of the organization. Our business consulting services help you combine the art and science of project management into a best-practices process, and apply it throughout the organization to improve your success rate.

Business Consulting Services

Agile, Business Requirements, Project & Process Management Consulting:
Not sure whether Agile Scrum, Kanban, BABOK, ITIL, Six Sigma, PMBOK, MSF, or another methodology is right for you? We can help you understand their strengths, weaknesses, and tradeoffs while helping you implement the most successful methodology into your organization.

At RG Freeman Group, our team of consultants can help your organization identify the solution best suited to meet the challenges you are facing. RGF can deliver customized project management consulting, training, and assessment programs for commercial and government clients around the world, rendering immediate and sustainable results. Our consultants are practitioners with over 20 years of cross-industry and government experience. Teams are assembled based on industry and client-specific variables, allowing us the ability to service clients with the highest quality and value.

PMO and PSO Business Consulting

Is your organization looking to start a PMO, or are you experiencing issues within your existing PMO? We have experienced subject matter experts who can help get your PMO/PSO functioning the way your business requires. Our senior consultants build and develop high-value project management solutions that offer executives the ability to sustain optimal operational results through continuous improvement efforts.

Mentoring and Coaching for Businesses

Are you facing challenges developing talent and offering ongoing support to individuals and teams? Consulting support is available for individuals and teams to assist them with any problems or challenges and validate that they are on the path to success. Clients are mentored throughout the project life cycle, utilizing proven mentoring/coaching techniques.

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