Posts made in August 2020

RGF Group’s Agile for BA’s class Scheduled 9/14-15th is GTR!

Our 2-day Online, Live, Instructor-led Agile for Business Analysts course scheduled September 14-15, 2020 is already guaranteed to run so we are offering a 40% discount on tuition!

The  Agile for Business Analysts course is approved and endorsed by both IIBA (CDUs) and PMI (PDUs) for 14 professional development-credit hours, and is aligned to the IIBA®-AAC™ (Agile Analysis) Certification.

Kelsey Apple, MCT, MCSD, PMP, IBM CAI, PSM will be teaching the September 14-15, 2020 class. Kelsey has worked with organizations to enhance their Business Analysis teams, promote an understanding of Agile in organizations, and help companies create a culture to adopt the Scrum framework. 

The Agile for Business Analysts course is suitable for novice and experienced practitioners who are responsible for business analysis activities on projects using iterative or adaptive (agile) delivery methods. In this course, you develop your understanding about Agile business analysis and the role of the business analyst on an Agile team. You learn how business analysis on an Agile project is similar and different than on Waterfall projects. A number of business analysis techniques suited for supporting Agile teams are introduced alongside the various standards available to the community to help teams and organizations transition. Since few organizations are purely Agile, you also learn about delivery approaches that use a combination of practices from Waterfall and Agile and are also introduced to the important concept of business analysis tailoring–the key skill used to adapt business analysis skills to all environments–regardless of the delivery life cycle selected.

Click on the following link to view a course description and schedule for our Agile for Business Analysts class.

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RG Freeman Group’s New Virtual Agile Scrum Team Workshop

RG Freeman Group is excited to announce that one of our most popular in-person classes, “Agile Scrum Team Workshop” is now available in an online, live, instructor-led format.

This 2-day virtual workshop puts the distributed agile team members through their paces, by showing them how to conduct the five (5) scrum ceremonies, while also simulating key activities within a sprint, all while working remotely and using their own project as a case study for the exercises.
This workshop utilizes an immersive learning approach, along with role playing, which allows students to assume their respective Scrum roles and practice the techniques as they learn.
Students work remotely and experience an environment that is fully leveraging agile concepts and culture. This format allows for better understanding of their own role on the team, and appreciate their team member’s contributions.

The highlights of this new course include:

Virtual Delivery – Students collaborate online while learning Scrum roles, ceremonies, tasks, and techniques
Dynamic workbook – Macro-enabled Excel worksheets help students build Backlogs, Release Plans, Burndown Charts, etc.
Compact Learning Format – Students perform 18 hands-on workshops in 2-days (or four ½ day sessions)
Team Building Exercises – The class will split up into 2 teams (7 or 8 people per team) and work together while simulating the Scrum ceremonies and a actual sprint
Public or Private Delivery – Delivery format can accommodate both open enrollment or corporate Agile teams
No Tool Required– Learn Scrum best practices without being encumbered by a tool (e.g., Jira)

By taking this 2-day workshop, participants will experience the leading Agile methodology, by using hands-on exercises and testing the basic premise and techniques behind agility.

PMI has approved and endorsed this course for 14 PDUs. Please click on the following link to view our course outline and schedule.