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Our Popular PowerBA Course Guaranteed to Run!

We are excited to announce that RG Freeman Group has scheduled an Online, Live, Instructor-led Power Business Analysis course July 27-30, 2020 and it is already Guaranteed to Run!

Our 4-day PowerBA course consists of our 2-day Requirement Elicitation (Part 1 -BA26 ) and 2-day Requirements Analysis and Use Cases (Part 2- BA28) courses.  Vince Bordo, MS, CBAP one of our most sought after Agile and Business Analysis Instructors created this course and will be teaching the July 27-30, 2020 class. Students can attend either 2-day class or all 4 days.

Here’s some information on the PowerBA course:

Throughout this workshop, industry best practices are explained and then augmented with professional tips and methods. While working in small groups, participants practice new techniques and discuss strategies to better define stakeholder needs and write complete and thorough requirements. A case study-driven workshop comprises more than half the course and provides real-world examples, templates, and job aids to reference once back on the job. If your organization is struggling with missing requirements, lack of stakeholder involvement, or the inability to know which tools to apply to elicit and write the most thorough requirements, you’ll want to consider this workshop.


Effectively managing stakeholders: Strong elicitation skills are a ‘must have’ for anyone charged with defining requirements for their project. Success is dependent on a mixture of technical skills (i.e. knowing which technique to use and how to use it) and interpersonal skills (i.e. building relationships, listening, and gaining consensus). Whether you plan to meet with your stakeholders in one-on-one sessions, in a requirements workshop, or remotely, you will need to know how to select and implement techniques to accurately and efficiently identify the needs of your business.


Writing clear & concise business requirements: Use Cases are an industry best practice for defining, documenting, and analyzing functional requirements. A use case approach is a user-centered approach for developing a solution to your business needs. Unfortunately, methods for developing use cases vary substantially across the industry. What information belongs in a use case? How can a use case be utilized to capture all the desired functionality? Are use cases applicable to all projects? Is there a template for writing use cases that is considered best practice? If you’ve ever been involved in a project involving use cases, you’ve probably encountered some confusing answers to these questions.

Students will receive either 14 or 28 Professional Development credit hours from IIBA (depending on whether they attend a 2-day or 4-day course).

Since this PowerBA class is already guaranteed to run, we are offering a 40% discount to registrants.  Please use code POWERBA when registering to receive the discount!

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Upcoming BA Essentials Classes Guaranteed to Run!

Our Online July 23-24, 2020 Business Analysis Essentials class is Guaranteed to Run!

Business Analysis Essentials is an introductory course designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of the benefits, functions and impact a business analyst has within an organization. The course discusses the business analysis process as it is applied throughout a project as well as the pre-project activities that comprise strategy analysis. Participants learn how a business analyst supports the project throughout the solution development life cycle, from defining business needs and solution scope to validating that requirements have been met in the testing phase and ensuring the solution continues to provide value after implementation.

After completing this course, participants will fully understand the characteristics of the business analyst role and the components that comprise the profession of business analysis.  Students will obtain a solid working vocabulary to enable effective communication about business analysis activities and deliverables across the project team. 

Click on the following link to view a course description and schedule for our Business Analysis Essentials class.

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