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Our Business Analysis Essentials Class Scheduled July 11-12, 2019 is Guaranteed to Run!

Business Analysis Essentials is an introductory course designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of the benefits, functions and impact a business analyst has within an organization. The course discusses the business analysis process as it is applied throughout a project as well as the pre-project activities that comprise strategy analysis. Participants learn how a business analyst supports the project throughout the solution development life cycle, from defining business needs and solution scope to validating that requirements have been met in the testing phase and ensuring the solution continues to provide value after implementation.

After completing this course, participants will fully understand the characteristics of the business analyst role and the components that comprise the profession of business analysis.  Students will obtain a solid working vocabulary to enable effective communication about business analysis activities and deliverables across the project team.

Click on the following link to view a course description and schedule for our Business Analysis Essentials class. /event/ba01-business-analysis-essentials/2019-07-11/

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